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167: "As-tu suivi les événements récents en Ukraine?"

167: \u0022As\u002Dtu suivi les événements récents en Ukraine?\u0022
3 years ago Little did we know when we were preparing this lesson in recent days that the situation in Ukraine would become even more fragile with the shooting down of a civilian airliner. Bertrand gives his views on why the impasse with Russia is so volatile. Let's ... Little did

166: "C'est confirmé... t'es atteint d'APC!"

166: \u0022C\u0027est confirmé... t\u0027es atteint d\u0027APC!\u0022
3 years, 1 month ago The focus of our lesson this time is something which could be described as a modern-day disorder, afflicting a huge number of people. We're not talking about a physical disorder, per se... more of a social one. Béatrix and I are having a coffee but ... The focus of ou

165: "Hier, j'ai assisté à un concert éblouissant!"

165: \u0022Hier, j\u0027ai assisté à un concert éblouissant!\u0022
3 years, 2 months ago Our lesson this time focuses on a concert Béatrix attended, a classical concert. Bertrand wonders what makes the difference between a concerto on the one hand and a symphony on the other. Béatrix gives him a very basic music lesson. Let's listen. Then ... Our lesson

164: "As-tu vu 'Dallas Buyers' Club'?"

164: \u0022As\u002Dtu vu \u0027Dallas Buyers\u0027 Club\u0027?\u0022
3 years, 2 months ago Our lesson this time centres around a film called "Dallas Buyers' Club", the story of a Texan cowboy who contracted AIDS at a time when most people had not yet heard of the disease. Let's listen. Then we'll take a closer look at the key vocabulary.Our lesson this time c

162: "As-tu entendu parler des ouvriers népalais au Qatar?"

162: \u0022As\u002Dtu entendu parler des ouvriers népalais au Qatar?\u0022
3 years, 6 months ago Our conversation this time focuses on working conditions as Qatar develops its infrastructure for the football World Cup in 2022. The tournament is some years away but the controversies surrounding the plight of workers is current, and real. Let’s listen ... Our con

160: "What do you think of the lottery?"

160: \u0022What do you think of the lottery?\u0022
4 years ago Florida was home to a recent winner of the Powerball jackpot of around 400 million dollars. As always, there was a media frenzy. In this lesson, Lucien and Zara discuss lotteries in general. Zara thinks they’re scandalous. Lucien, on the other hand, ... Florida was h

159: "Are you on Twitter?"

159: \u0022Are you on Twitter?\u0022
4 years, 2 months ago Today, several hundred million people around the world are ‘tweeting’. In this lesson, let’s hear a conversation between Bertrand and Amandine. Bertrand is a regular Twitter user, but Amandine is not. Let’s listen...Today, several hundred million people around t

158: France at war in Mali

158: France at war in Mali
4 years, 3 months ago This lesson, which we recorded some time ago, focuses on the situation in Mali. In our role-play, Brendan asks Simone to shed some light on the military intervention of France in one of its former colonies. Let's listen. Then we'll come back and discuss ... This lesson

157: "Tell me what's wrong..."

157: \u0022Tell me what\u0027s wrong...\u0022
4 years, 6 months ago One of our listeners, a doctor working in a French-speaking community in New York, suggested that we devote a lesson to a dialogue between a doctor and a patient. That's the subject of this lesson. The patient, Mr Gauthier, has just come into the doctor's ... One of our

156: "Would you please stop texting?!"

156: \u0022Would you please stop texting?!\u0022
5 years ago More than a few people seem to suffer from the modern-day 'affliction' of almost constant texting. That's the topic of conversation in this lesson. Alain and Thérèse are out for dinner but they have not yet said a word to each other. Let's listen.More than a few peopl